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  • Greater Sage-Grouse: The King Giveth and The King Taketh Away

    Dec 07, 2015 | by William Perry Pendley
    Westerners cheered the Obama administration’s September decision not to designate the greater sage-grouse under the Endangered Species Act; listing would have meant more federal land lockups, additional red tape, and further litigation by environmental groups that use the Act to make people do what they want.
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  • Minerals Critical? In America, Never Mine

    Nov 01, 2015 | by William Perry Pendley
    Much has been written about the impossibility of developing America’s rich natural resources given the opposition of the Obama administration, radical environmentalists, and actively empathetic judges; it has been a horror show for oil pipelines, energy on federal lands, and coal anywhere.
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  • Will the Supreme Court Pass On The Feds’ Tar-Baby Defense

    Oct 01, 2015 | by William Perry Pendley
    When Kane County, Utah and the Beehive State sued the United States for title to roads a federal agency, abetted by environmental groups, treated as its own, federal lawyers refused to “admit or deny” an adverse interest in the roads.
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  • In Trashing Land, the EPA Has Nothing on the Forest Service

    Sep 01, 2015 | by William Perry Pendley
    Americans now comprehend fully the disdain the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has for truth-telling, the rights of others, and the environment.
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  • When Feds Seize Land, May They Make The Rules To Be Sued?

    Aug 01, 2015 | by William Perry Pendley
    One of the best known constitutional guarantees, certainly among landowners, is the right to “just compensation” when the federal government seizes “private property” for “public use.”
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  • SCOTUS Plays Humpty Dumpty But Can Colorado Do The Same?

    Jul 01, 2015 | by William Perry Pendley
    The nation learned last week that the ObamaCare phrase “an Exchange established by the State” used seven times to refer to an exchange established by a State as opposed to one established, in the absence of State action, by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) does not mean only the former but means the former and the latter.
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  • “Sacred Lands” or the Almighty Dollar?

    Jun 01, 2015 | by William Perry Pendley
    An American Indian tribe in Montana says a Louisiana man may not use his property, which lies in a national forest, because the land is sacred.
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  • Will a Four-Decade Old Law Limit Obama’s Land Powers?

    May 01, 2015 | by William Perry Pendley
    A “Sagebrush Rebellion” like the one that propelled Ronald Reagan (“Count me in as a [sagebrush] rebel.”) into the Oval Office is making national news because President Obama governs like President Carter.
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  • Will The EPA Set A Killer Free?

    Apr 01, 2015 | by William Perry Pendley
    President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has earned a reputation as the most lawless agency in an administration infamous for its abuses of the Constitution and the rule of law.
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  • Did The Founding Fathers Anticipate Obama?

    Mar 01, 2015 | by William Perry Pendley
    Although much of the discussion of last month’s decision by a Texas federal district court granting a preliminary injunction barring enforcement of President Obama’s directive (actually issued by the Department of Homeland Security [DHS]) banning deportation of some illegally in the United States centered on the issue of prosecutorial discretion, the ruling turned on an obscure federal law.
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