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  • Since When Are China And Arizona Morally Equivalent?

    Sep 01, 2010 | by William Perry Pendley
    On May 14, 2010, the U.S. Department of State announced no major breakthroughs in bilateral discussions with China after only their second round of talks about human rights since 2002. Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, Michael H. Posner, who along with Ambass
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  • Americans Wage Nationwide Fight For Gun Rights

    Aug 01, 2010 | by William Perry Pendley
    In the wake of the June ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States, in McDonald v. Chicago, that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear Arms applies to the States via the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause, Chicago politicians declared that they would find a way around the 5
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  • Cold Water Thrown On Presidential Hot Air

    Jul 01, 2010 | by William Perry Pendley
    It came as no surprise to those familiar with President Obama's views on America's energy future that, in his first Oval Office address, he focused, not so much on his efforts to deal with BP Global's (BP's) blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, which was the ostensible subject of the talk, but instead, on
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  • Times Square Attack Response: None Dare Call It Thinking

    Jun 01, 2010 | by William Perry Pendley
    On May 1, 2010, when news of the Times Square terrorist attack first broke, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, on national television, as to who might have done it, If I had to guess 25 cents, this would be exactly that, somebody who's homegrown, maybe a mentally deranged person or someone
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  • On College Campuses, Not Only Outlaws Should Have Guns

    May 01, 2010 | by William Perry Pendley
    On March 9, a Denver, Colorado, television station reported a rash of violence on the University of Colorado's (CU's) Auraria Campus and issued a warning after several people were attacked and robbed on campus or inside their dorm rooms, including 2 students who were stabbed with a hatchet. Exactly
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  • Justice Scalia Answers The Census

    Apr 01, 2010 | by William Perry Pendley
    Today, April 1, 2010, is Census Day 2010, the date by which the U.S. Census Bureau had requested America's 120 million households to have returned their forms in an attempt to prevent a feared record low response sixty-seven percent responded by mail in 2000. Such fears are hardly surprising given
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  • With Humans Facing Fire Danger, Judges Worry About Elk

    Mar 01, 2010 | by William Perry Pendley
    In May 2005, the U.S. Forest Service completed its evaluation of the risk of wildfire and insect loss to approximately 44,000 acres in the Smith Creek/Shields River area of the Gallatin National Forest, north of Livingston, Montana. The Forest Service concluded that there was a high risk of wildfir
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  • A Chance, In Higher Education, To Get It Right On Race

    Feb 01, 2010 | by William Perry Pendley
    Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has been quoted as bemoaning that some of her opinions are being set aside. When it comes to her disastrous 2003 opinion in Grutter v. Bollinger, in which she, aided by the Court's liberal bloc, authorized colleges and universities to use raci
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  • An Early Christmas Gift In Northwestern Pennsylvania

    Jan 01, 2010 | by William Perry Pendley
    In Warren, Pennsylvania on December 15, 2009, days before Christmas, it was overcast and cold, with a 50 percent chance of snow; in fact, daytime temperatures were not expected to break 30, nighttime readings would hit the single digits, and lake effect snow off Lake Erie was a possibility. Nonethe
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  • The UnEqual Access To Justice Act

    Dec 01, 2009 | by William Perry Pendley
    John Shuler of Dupuyer, Montana, who raises sheep for a living, was nearly killed one night when he was attacked by a grizzly bear. Fortunately, he had his powerful rifle with him and was able to mortally wound the bear and save his own life. Unfortunately, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)
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