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Comments Regarding Mr. Pendley's Speeches:

[William Perry Pendley’s] keynote address was inspiring, and very well received.  [He] exceed[ed] our expectations!

Deanna Robbins
United Property Owners of Montana, Inc.
Roy, Montana

[William Perry Pendley does] a magical job of weaving great stories, outrage and fundamental philosophy together to create one of the best educational presentations we hear.... Few have [his] talent and gift for stirring the passions of our audience the way [he does].

Shari Williams
Leadership Program of the Rockies
Denver, Colorado

[William Perry Pendley's speech] was timely, appropriate and uncomfortably honest. Many have heard of the government's reckless misuse of power. MSLF confirm[s] and document[s] what are undoubtedly a small number of those abuse cases. [Pendley's] delivery was relentless, tactfully laced with humor and most importantly, stimulating and thought-provoking. I would strongly recommend [this] message to any group.

Matthew C. Mathias
Executive Vice President
American Institute of Timber Construction
Denver, Colorado

[William Perry Pendley] is a captivating speaker and what [he] had to say was riveting, [holding] all of us in rapt attention. . . . We appreciate what [he is] doing for our country and applaud [his] efforts.

Gay Hart Gaines
Washington, D.C.

[William Perry Pendley's] speech [to the Colorado Mining Association] was an inspiring call to action, filled with humorous but chilling anecdotes about the creeping bureaucracy that is stifling individual freedoms allegedly for our "own good." Quite frankly, I wish that we had concluded the conference immediately after [his] speech; it was so good!

Stuart A. Sanderson, Esq.
Denver, Colorado

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing [William Perry Pendley's] comments regarding property rights and government regulation during the January 23rd edition of the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour. As [he] correctly stated, average Americans are deeply concerned about the rising federal oppression of personal liberties and property rights. Please keep up the good work!

Bob D. Hines, Jr.
Richmond, Virginia

The response to [William Perry Pendley's] keynote addresses and workshops in Des Moines and Minneapolis was terrific. There are people who want to make a difference but don't know how. [His] message, I think, will help them take action.

Paula Siewert
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you for [William Perry Pendley's] outstanding presentation to the American Association of Professional Landmen Board of Directors. [He] filled our heads with lots of information and knowledge that will be very useful in the future.

Jack Sweeney
Fort Worth, Texas

The speeches [William Perry Pendley] made in Nacogdoches to the T[exas] F[orestry] A[ssociation] made more sense than anything I've heard in a long time.

Barbara Patton
Nacogdoches, Texas

Congratulations on [William Perry Pendley's] excellent speech to [The] Heritage [Foundation]. Our rights are under assault in the Peoples Republic of Vermont too. Alas.

Senator John McClaughry
Concord, Vermont

[William Perry Pendley's] speech was one of the most exciting and dynamic speeches I have ever had the opportunity to hear. At a time when the participants were weary from the day's lengthy agenda, [he] provided them with the motivation and invigoration to commit themselves to the long and tedious process of regaining control of our government. [His] use of humor was brilliant and prepared the audience to retain the messages contained in the remainder of [his] oratory.

Barbara Mossman
Forks, Washington

[Mr. Pendley's] timely report on government intrusions and abuses of private property rights and privileges of citizens was right on the mark. We have had calls and contacts from legislators, government officials and business leaders complimenting the speech . . . . Several asked if copies of [his] speech were available.

Jim Peacock
Utah Petroleum Association
Salt Lake City, Utah

[Mr. Pendley] exceeded our expectations with [his] remarks at our 100th Annual Meeting. What a great and powerful message. . . . delivered in a style that commanded attention.

Nicholas R. Kent
North American Wholesale Lumber Association, Inc.
Rolling Meadows, Illinois

I have finally found a lawyer I like. Thank God. It is so much fun to hear that our side is suing for a change. I just loved [William Perry Pendley's] speech. That was absolutely invigorating for me.

Kay Bailey Hutchison
U.S. Senator (R-TX)

I would like to thank [William Perry Pendley] for once again providing an invigorating and thought-provoking presentation during our recent symposium. . . . [His] comments were certainly among the most often referred to by other speakers and participants alike.

Cary Hegreberg
Spokane Area Chamber of Commerce
Spokane, Washington

I don't believe I can remember a time when a speaker at one of our meetings held an audience spellbound, but [William Perry Pendley] certainly did. [He] also became the second person in twenty-four years to get a standing ovation from our group.

W.E. Marbaker II
Mining Industry Council of Missouri
Rolla, Missouri

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