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Jun 15, 2017 | by William Perry Pendley

It was every parent’s worst nightmare. Two-year old Grayson awoke Thursday morning, desperately ill with vomiting and diarrhea. The stomach flu they thought and treated him at home; however, when his debilitating symptoms continued on Friday morning, they went to see the pediatrician. Stomach flu, he agreed, but when Grayson could sleep for no more than an hour Friday night, they rushed him back to the doctor on Saturday morning. The doctor checked him into the hospital. Tragically, he never checked out!

In incredible pain, passing bloody diarrhea every 10 minutes, and thus severely dehydrated, Grayson was transferred to a hospital with a pediatric surgical team after the first doctors could not diagnose his illness. There he was rushed to the intensive care unit, put on dialysis to permit his body to rest, and provided breathing tubes after his heart rate shot up. Nonetheless, he only got worse and, less than 5 days after he checked in, 20 doctors and nurses fought for almost two hours to save his life. Catastrophically, nothing could be done. Grayson’s heartbroken parents were told he had passed.

What killed young Grayson was something called Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), which results in the destruction of red blood cells, a low platelet count, and acute kidney failure. The cause: E. coli, which comes from food contamination. Incredibly, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says there are 73,000 cases of E. coli every year and although 90% of people make it through E. coli just fine, 10%—elderly and precious little children—suffer from complications like the HUS that killed poor Grayson, which then lead to the excruciating and deadly effects of this affliction.

There is a scary source for E. coli: the “environmentally-friendly,” recyclable, grocery tote bags that are pushed on Americans today! In fact, there is an 8% chance that the tote bags you are using have E. coli in them. Incredibly, a study from scientists at the University of Arizona found bacteria in 99% of the bags tested. Worse yet, 50% carried coliform bacteria, which are universally present in fecal matter or, colloquially speaking, “poop.” As if it could not get worse, it does. Noroviruses, which kill 800 Americans every year, have been found in tote bags.

You would think that such a serious threat would lead to warnings, public service announcements, and even a nationwide recall, but you would be wrong. Fact is, you probably never heard of this study. Why not?

The reason is environmentalism has become the new religion of the Left and their aiders and abettors in the media. To support their religion, they cherry-pick “scientists” who make “findings” that support a socialism-laden world-view. Like every religion, they have their totems. One is the fancy tote bags they pull out of the back of their Priuses (yet another one) to shop for over-priced organic foodstuffs, free-range chicken, and “fair trade” coffee. That is okay, of course; it is a free country and to each his own.

But where the Left and the rest of us part ways, is its demand, not only that we share its worldview, but also that we modify our daily conduct as that worldview supposedly mandates. It gets worse, of course. The Left insists on laws to force us to change how we live our lives and if we oppose those enactments, seek their repeal, or litigate against them in court, the Left will subject us to the most vicious attack. (Just look at the way the Left behaves when we challenge global cooling global warming climate change. We are like those who say the Holocaust never happened, that is, “climate deniers.” Some of them even say we should be put in jail for our beliefs.)

MSLF has seen this type of behavior in response to its litigation in defense of the rule of law and constitutional liberties. MSLF and its clients have been assailed for opposing the “war on coal,” for fighting racial quotas and preferences, for challenging unconstitutional taxes, for defending the rights of Americans to own and use their property, and for demanding that federal lands be used for “multiple use,” including oil and gas development, mining, logging, ranching, and recreation, as Congress requires.

It was no different when MSLF challenged Aspen’s unconstitutional, unwise, and potentially deadly dangerous grocery bag law, which Aspen passed like 200 other left-leaning local governments across America. Other Colorado cities did likewise, despite that it hurts the poor disproportionately.

In response to MSLF’s lawsuit, a Colorado judge upheld the tax exactly because it forced people to change their behavior! Then the Colorado Court of Appeals quickly adopted the lower court’s reasoning and approved the tax. MSLF knew it was a long shot, but it asked that the Colorado Supreme Court take the case. Legal observers were shocked that Colorado’s highest court agreed to review it. Over the next several months, MSLF filed its briefs.

Last week, MSLF was before the Colorado Supreme Court for the oral arguments in the case. This is a huge case, not only for the constitutional rights of taxpayers, but also for the rights of citizens to demand sensible laws and to oppose the demand by the Left that we be forced to live our lives as they think we should. It is a free country, after all. We must fight to keep it so. Remember, as incredible as it seems, just 10 years ago, San Francisco was the only municipality in the country to have a plastic bag ban!

Thank you for your support of this crucial battle and for MSLF’s other fights for freedom in the courtrooms across the country. You are helping to make a real difference. As the news proves daily, this fight will never end.

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