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Dec 01, 2016 | by William Perry Pendley

In the final days of the Presidential Election of 2016, President Barack Obama took to the stump lecturing the American people, “My name may not be on the ballot,” but—in the president’s rare use of the third person—“our progress is on the ballot.” Because, “everything we stand for is at stake, all the progress we have made is at stake in this election,” he hectored, “I will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy,” if the voters elect those whose “central theme” is “opposition to all that we have done.”

Mr. President, consider yourself and your legacy personally insulted!

As the votes were tallied on Election Night and into the next day, one thing became clear—painfully clear to pontificators in the main stream media, professors from their ivory towers, and progressive politicians—the American people did not like “progress” as it is defined by President Obama and his ilk. The Americans Senator Obama denigrated as “cling[ing] to guns or religion,” that is, citizens who: believe in the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution, embrace the rule of law, support the Founding Fathers’ freedom-preserving system of “checks and balances,” and believe generally that federal officials and all of their bureaucrats should mostly “leave us alone,” had had enough.

From villages in New England, from west of Philadelphia, from Florida and north throughout the South, past small towns in the Midwest, across the Great Plains, up and down the Rockies, and to the Cascades, the American people repudiated the president’s policies, programs, and all of his works.

For all who love freedom, that is the good news. The bad news is the hard work of undoing years and perhaps even decades of federal laws, rules, and edicts, and the actions of State and local governments that are contrary to the Constitution and the rule of law is just beginning.

Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF), which has been at front of the fight for the Republic since its founding in 1977, is ready, willing, and—with your generous support—able to battle for freedom. MSLF knows it does not matter what politicians are in what offices, or what they say about their plans to undo the abuses of the past, or whether their priorities are the ones that matter the most to us. MSLF knows that we cannot wait for them.

Because there is so much to get done, MSLF must act now!  

MSLF has been fighting President Obama, his abuses, and those of his officials since his first days in office. MSLF routed his “sue and settle” plan to stifle jobs, seize land, and stymie American energy, beating his lawyers twice at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, and preserving $500 million in economic activity, thousands of jobs, and a region once doomed to ruin!

During his presidency, MSLF: vanquished his lawyers by a vote of 8-1 at the Supreme Court of the United States; won victories against his war on the Second Amendment; battled the most lawless entity—the Environmental Protection Agency—in its attempt to bankrupt a rural rancher, its effort to roll back the centuries to seize part of Wyoming, and its massive “waters of the United States” land grab; fought off Obama’s use of the Endangered Species Act to close millions of acres of land, kill thousands of jobs, and seize private property; challenged assertions by federal land managers that they may bar private citizens from using their land if it borders federal land; and fought the Obama administration’s view that it may terminate—on a whim and caprice—a contract into which the federal government has entered with a citizen.

At the end, MSLF challenged Obama’s most appalling racialist scheme ever—the Federal Aviation Administration plan to hire air traffic controllers on the basis of race. MSLF is fighting for 2,000 to 3,500 men and women who were rejected because of their race. This is not just illegal; people will die!

With Obama gone, MSLF must increase, not lessen its litigation. Why?

First, President Trump has much to do to “drain the swamp” plus the lawlessness of Obama’s people is so vast that much will be left undone.

Second, President Trump’s top officials and their lower ranking political appointees will not be in place for weeks, months, or perhaps a year. That time cannot be wasted. MSLF must sue now to end regulatory abuses.

Third, there are issues on which MSLF may differ with Trump officials. For example, as to MSLF’s Adarand victory (Justice Scalia: “In the eyes of government, we are just one race here. It is American.”) MSLF will not yield.

Fourth, when the Trump administration seeks to undo past violations of constitutional rights and the rule of law, it will be sued by huge, radical, leftist groups. MSLF must enter those lawsuits to ensure complete victory.

Fifth, the federal government is not the only source of constitutional violations. State and local governments emulated President Obama, violated the law, and then declared, “Sue us.” So MSLF did and must keep doing so.

MSLF has been fighting for freedom since 1977 and has learned that, regardless of who is in the White House or who controls Congress, or state houses, or municipal buildings, threats to freedom are unceasing. Please help ensure MSLF’s ability to fight back in the weeks and months ahead!

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