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President Obama’s “Racialist Agenda” Hits a New Low: The FAA Opts For Psychobabble & Race To Hire ATCs; MSLF, Which Defeated Racial Quotas Before The Supreme Court, Readies!

Dec 01, 2015 | by William Perry Pendley

In a shocking story by Fox News, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is responsible for maintaining the safety of thousands of aircraft that traverse the United States on a daily basis not to mention the millions of Americans onboard, abandoned a carefully developed process for hiring the nation’s best and brightest air traffic controllers (ATCs) thus endangering the lives of millions of Americans.

The change came following an all but unnoticed announcement by President Obama’s new FAA Administration, Michael Huerta, in May of 2013, to “transform the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) into a more diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects, understands, and relates to the diverse customers we serve.” Thus, the FAA scraped its long use of difficult cognitive assessment tests and implemented instead a new but highly debatable and dubiously effective personality test—Biographical Questionnaire (BQ)—that included these questions: “The number of high school sports I participated in was?” “How would you describe your ideal job?” “What has been the major cause of your failures?” “More classmates would remember me as humble or dominant?” Only Obama officials would hire employees using such a “test.”

Discarded in the process was a thoughtful program begun in 1994 in recognition of the fact that, with the aging of the nation’s ATCs, the FAA will need to hire a thousand ATCs each year to fill positions around the country. To ensure a ready pool of qualified applicants, the FAA worked with colleges and universities to set up accredited degree programs in Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) schools. Thereafter, the FAA gave a hiring preference to the applicants who: earned a degree from a CTI program, obtained a reference from the CTI program’s administrators, and attained a “well qualified” label (a score above 85) on the demanding Air Traffic Selection and Training exam (AT-SAT)—an eight hour computer-based test. One CTI graduate described the AT-SAT this way: “There are time speed distance equations that you do in your head, actual control scenarios, games that test your ability to multitask; all skills that are essential to this job.”

When the FAA announced its new hiring plan it tossed out the AT-SAT scores and CTI qualifications of some 3,000 CTI graduates as well as military veterans, each one of whom had been classed as “well qualified” to become an ATC. Each was told to begin anew, but now all their training and military service did not count. Worse of all, the CTI graduates must compete with thousands the FAA calls “off the street hires” for whom the FAA requires only: be a U.S. citizen, have a high school diploma, speak English, and “pass” the BQ, whatever “passing” means. Rejected in the process were highly skilled and diverse individuals, including women, American Indians, African Americans, and Hispanics. Just imagine the heartache each of these highly qualified young men and women is suffering after years of hard work and financial sacrifice. Their dreams of serving their country as air traffic controllers appear to have been dashed.

Even worse, millions of Americans will have their lives put in the hands of people hired not on the basis of qualifications but on the basis of race and answers to a “test” that is the epitome of psychobabble. This is insane!

Unfortunately, it is also the byword of the Obama administration. Way back in 2011, whistleblower and former U.S. Department of Justice lawyer, J. Christian Adams revealed that the administration is overrun by radicals bent on furthering a fringe political agenda, which he called “racialism,” that is, the making of all decisions on the basis of race. That is clear from Attorney General Eric Holder’s famous remark about race-based decision-making by the government—what some call affirmative action and what others label reverse discrimination and the use of racial quotas and preferences—“The question is not when does it end, but when does it begin[.] When do people of color truly get the benefits to which they are entitled?”

Of course, it was MSLF that won a landmark civil rights case before the Supreme Court of the United States in which the Court rejected arguments by the federal government that it could award highway construction contracts on the basis of race. In Adarand Constructors, Inc. v. Peña, the Court ruled, “Distinctions between citizens solely because of their ancestry are by their very nature odious to a free people,” directed “strict [usually fatal] scrutiny” to review the constitutionality of any use of race by Congress, and thereby doomed affirmative action. Justice Scalia put it this way, “In the eyes of government, we are just one race here. It is American.”

MSLF used its landmark victory—Time called it “a legal earthquake”—to challenge the use of race by governments: to grant admission to colleges and law schools, to award construction contracts, to issue hunting licenses, to grant exemptions from tough environmental regulations, to restrict hiring of public school teachers, and to bar access to public land. In response, the Obama administration pushed back aggressively with race-based decisions that shock the conscious. Plus, it ensured that every new major federal law contained a race-based component. That was bad enough, but what the FAA has done is not just unconstitutional; it will likely get people killed.

MSLF joined with aviation lawyer Michael Pearson, Esq., a retired air traffic controller in Arizona to sue the FAA for violating the constitutional rights of the CTI graduates. Please help MSLF win this crucial battle!

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