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MSLF does only one thing – it goes to court on behalf of those who cannot afford attorneys to fight for the rule of law and defend constitutional liberties.  With every case, MSLF seeks to:  1) win for its clients, including, if at all possible, before the Supreme Court of the United States; 2) set binding legal precedent to benefit all Americans; and 3) educate the American public about the threats to their liberty.

Since its creation in 1977, MSLF has been fighting and winning in the courtrooms from coast to coast, with important victories before the Supreme Court of the United States, federal Courts of Appeals, and State supreme courts.

Your tax-deductible contribution will be spent predominantly on MSLF’s courtroom battles.  In 2013, MSLF’s expenditures were as follows:  72.14% for its litigation; 16.14% for education and outreach, which includes fundraising, and 11.45% for administration. 

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